Introduction to the Degree Program

About Us

Since 1953

The Undergraduate and Graduate Programs of Nutrition Science were restructured from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in 2018 with the goal of training students to become eligible as registered dietitians or nutritionists in the fields of enterprise, government, or academia. The program has been currently relocated to the School of Life Science located on NTNU’s Gong-guan campus. With a current total of seven full-time faculty members, the program strives for leadership in the field of nutrition, as well as excellence in nutritional science research. Our professional curriculum includes clinical nutrition, community nutrition, nutrition education and quantity food management. In order to respond to the urgent demands of the development of the food industry and nutrition as a whole, we actively cultivate talent in three career directions: dietitians/nutritionists, food technicians, and scientific researchers.

Location of the Degree Program


No. 88, Section 4, Tingzhou Road, Taipei City, 11677, Taiwan (ROC)


You may take the bus which stops by "National Taiwan Normal University Branch"

Look up for route option: https://ebus.gov.taipei

Taipei Metro

You may take the Green Line of Taipei Metro which stops by "Gongguan G07", and walk southbound along Roosevelt Rd. for around 11 minutes, the school should be on your right hand side.

Look up for route advice: https://web.metro.taipei/pages/en/station/039

Degree Program Contacts

♦ Please dial +886-2-7749 + branch number (as following table)

faculty2F, HDFS 
Deputy Director of Bachelor and Master’s Degree Program1437視聽室1398 
Shu-Ying Chang6275小會議室1400 
Main Line6281人發系1樓 
Jheng-Hong Hou (Student Advisor)6235勤102教室1406 
TeachersLabs (B1F, HDFS) 
Li-Ching Lyu1452食物製備室1433 
Chun-Li Su1436營養生化實驗室1434/1460 
Po-Jung Tsai1455餐  廳1435 
Szu-Chuan Shen1437細胞生物實驗室1453 
Chi-Hao Wu1427營養生理實驗室1454 
Yung Han Hung6296營養生物科技實驗室1461 
Wan Ju Yeh6988營養生物科技實驗室1462 
Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan (Mary)1439